Centro Velico Torre Guaceto - Base Nautica

The nautical base


The Centro Velico Torre Guaceto Nautical Base, far from inhabited centers and surrounded by nature, overlooks a beach of rare beauty, protected by small islands that delimit a stretch of water, which is ideal for navigation.

It is in this context of high naturalistic and environmental value that sailing and windsurfing courses are offered to those who share a passion for the sea and nature. The base develops around an ancient “masseria” that overlooks the sea as well as other buildings. The buildings house the kitchens, the secretariat, and the rooms dedicated to educational and recreational activities, while the toilets and showers are located outside and are commonly used like in a camp site.

People sleep in tents on bunk beds, or they can bring their own curtain and mount it under the tamarisk trees. The environment is a bit Spartan, but it is precisely in this idea of “roughing it” in the wild, which tends to be lost today, that its charm lies.

Life on the base

The sailing course featured at the Torre Guaceto base is a “unique” experience in which all members participate in, rendering themselves the protagonists of the sailing internship in a climate that calls for collaboration and respect for the natural environment that surrounds it. Together with their classmates, students will take part, in turn, in the so-called “commandos” regarding meal preparation. The “Head Base”, which ensures that activities on land and at sea are correctly executed, is overseen by qualified staff made up of instructors, stewards, and other volunteers who have grown within the Association and are fundamental reference points for life at the base.

What to bring

Personal belongings - jeans – cotton t-shirts – wool or fleece sweaters - K-way - hat – sunglasses and a cord to keep them from getting lost at sea.

  • For dinghy sailing courses: boots in drift neoprene or at least sneakers are recommended – volleyball-type knee pads – shorts – sailing gloves or similar – if you suffer from cold (especially at the beginning of the season), a short, light neoprene wetsuit is recommended.
  • For windsurfing courses: special shoes and gloves are essential.

In addition: sleeping bag or sheets and blankets – pillow – electric torch (the tents are not lit) – sun cream – personal medication.

The Association will supply a bed and a mattress cover sheet. It is necessary to have cash on hand (approximately €110 each week) for the common galley cashbox and for personal expenses (cash machines are not available nearby). Musical instruments are preferable to radios and other portable music devices.

The galley

During the sailing course, each crew member is responsible for him or herself, companions, and boat. This culture extends to every aspect of base life, including kitchen management. Expect to contribute to meal preparation during your sailing course, as well as overseeing dish washing and the cleaning of common areas. At least once during the week-long course, you will be called to do “comandata” (chores). Each kitchen independently manages its own “common fund” for the food, to which each participant contributes a weekly fixed fee of approximately 110 euro.

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