Scuola di vela

Sailing School

The Centro Velico Torre Guaceto sailing school organizes sailing courses for adults and children, offering specialized courses in sailing dinghies, catamarans, and windsurfing for different levels, as well as sailing internships.

The course also allows students who are completely unexperienced to reach a level of autonomy and safety with respect to the management of sailing vehicles.


  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 8.30 The instructors explain the activities planned for that day and the sailing maneuvers that will be carried out
  • 9.30 The boats are armed, and everyone goes out to sea. The instructors embark as well during the first days to assist with maneuvers
  • 13.30 Re-entry for lunch
  • 14.00 Lunch
  • 15.30 Courses continue with exercises on the sea
  • 18.30 Re-entry and disarming of the boat
  • 20.00 Dinner
  • 21.30 Recap of the day


The sailing course, which features exercises at sea, is based on the prevention of accidents, the teaching of marine art, and safety rules at sea. The exit of students to sea during the sailing courses is always assisted by a lookout on the ground and by motor units that are connected via radio, guaranteeing, if necessary, timely and safe interventions.


The Centro Velico Torre Guaceto sailing school staff is made up of instructors, stewards, active members, and all the volunteers who participate in conducting activities at the base, with each group dedicating their free time and skills. The active members have already attended sailing courses in Torre Guaceto; they know the specifics of the place, and act as a precious resource in helping carry out the various activities. They take care of the administration, secretarial duties, coordination on the ground, and structure maintenance. They normally stay in personal tents set up in special areas. In their free time, they can sail using the sail or windsurfing boats available from the Association or use their own personal ones.


Sailing and windsurfing instructors, who volunteer their time, provide a precious heritage of nautical culture and sailing experience, which is enhanced and verified through a permanent training system that guarantees the qualitative level sailing sport courses and their didactic continuity. The instructor’s presence, which is reassuring in the first few days, will gradually become more discreet, allowing students to grow in their desires to experience their sailing trips with full autonomy.


The stewards are “land instructors” who give logistical support to the courses. They take care of guaranteeing supplies, quality control, and overseeing the proper functions of the kitchens. They also coordinate the “commanded” students in preparing meals, and, if ideas are scarce, suggest the menu. They are particularly attentive to life on the base and are indispensable reference for the students and the success of the sailing course. They are internally trained with courses taught by expert chefs that are also hosted in kitchens on-board.


The materialists are voluntary partners who are experts in materialism, a term that derives from French, with which the materials concerning marine art and repairs of all kinds are meant, from boats (and therefore wood, fiberglass, epox resin, aluminum, stainless steel, sails, etc.) to the electrical and hydraulic systems at the base. They are trained in an internal course and are rotated throughout the season to guarantee the functionality of the sailboats and the facilities at the base.

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